About Us

Timo Hernandez III has been serving the towing world for over 38 years.  His wealth of product knowledge and customer service has made his name one of the most recognized in the towing industry.

In 1980, Timo moved to San Antonio from his home in Brownsville, Texas for the sole purpose of selling tow trucks, parts and accessories. While the distribution of towing equipment is the main objective, replacement parts and towing accessories are now the main focal point. Timo served as a manufacturer’s representative for the Century Wrecker Corporation in the early 1980’s and has represented all major brands of towing equipment since. While big orders are always welcome, the expertise here is the new tower or the owner operator, as Timo International offers training and marketing as added value to every equipment purchase.

Timo's business philosophy has always been "we do not sell anything to anyone.  We give you, the customer, the opportunity to purchase the right equipment needed to be successful."