Ask About Our Body Change Over Specials...

Please have your BODY SERIAL #
to ensure we get you the right part.

You can usually find a metal ID tag with these #s stamped on it some place on the bed/wrecker. For a car carrier the ID tag can be found (MOST TIMES) at the front of the bed DRIVER SIDE, either underneath, on the front cornor of the carrier and also on the light pylon.
For a wrecker the ID tag can be found (MOST TIMES) on the boom, in the toolboxes or on the driver side light pylon.

Don't hesitate to call us 210-224-8930 if you need help finding your Serial or Model #
We Repair, Rebuild & Install:
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Electrical Components
  • PTOs, Clutch Pumps
  • Gearboxes
  • Hydraulic Components
  • Winches
  • Body Mounting              and more...


 Please Call to Schedule Repairs or Maintenance
to Your Towing Equipment


Looking for a Repair Part?
We Can order any repair parts that you need

·        Pins/Bushings

·        PTOs/Clutch Pumps

·        Cable Tensioners

·        Switch Panel/Switches

·        L-Arms, Scoops

·        Wear Pad Kits